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Our epic Intensive Scalp Reviving Treatment is a mighty 3-step scalp reviving treatment that cleanses and nourishes deep within your scalp, fending off dandruff, oily scalp and hair loss to revive stronger, healthier hair.
Our groundbreaking treatment uses award-winning NIOXIN System Kits, specially formulated to rebalance the scalp and revitalize hair. Each treatment begins with a Scalp Camera evaluation to select the most suitable System Kit for your unique needs, followed by a scalp deep-cleanse, strengthening massage and laser hair restoration technology. Your scalp feels great, your hair looks even better.

Our dermabrasion therapy exfoliates your scalp, cleansing it deeply to remove follicle-clogging sebum.
Our rejuvenating massage allows nourishing, strengthening NIOXIN Tonic to penetrate deep into your hair roots.
Our laser hair restoration technology stimulates better blood flow to your scalp, promoting thicker, fuller and healthier hair growth.



I wash my hair every day, why do I still need to come for scalp treatments?

Normal day-to-day hair shampoos only clean your hair and remove surface debris from the scalp. A scalp treatment, however, provides far more benefit as it deep cleanses the scalp beyond just the surface.

Deep-cleansing can improve scalp health by removing excess sebum and product build-up from the frequent use of styling products. This not only freshens the scalp, it also helps to prevent dandruff, oily scalp and hair loss. As a result, hair appears thicker and fuller-looking.

Can this treatment guarantee hair growth?

No, this is not a hair growth treatment. Our Intensive Scalp Reviving Treatment is a scalp cleansing treatment that rebalances and revitalises the scalp to its healthy state to help prevent conditions such as dandruff, oily scalp and hair loss.

How long will it take to see an improvement in my hair condition?

After the first session, you’ll be able to notice a cleaner and fresher scalp. However, to see significant improvement such as stronger and fuller-looking hair, a minimum of 6 sessions (with a treatment scheduled every 2 weeks) and consistent home maintenance is recommended.

Individual results may vary based on your current scalp condition and other factors such as natural aging, lifestyle choices, medical conditions and genetics. Speak to our barbers to get your own personal analysis today!

If I want to see faster results, what can I do?

In addition to your scalp treatment every 2 weeks, we recommend using our NIOXIN System Kit daily at home for greater efficacy, which can lead to faster results. It is important to use the kit daily as it helps to remove product build-up in the hair follicles from the frequent daily use of styling products such as wax, gel and hairspray.

The NIOXIN System Kit contains three products designed to rebalance and revitalise the scalp to its healthy state.

The Cleansing Shampoo helps to deep cleanse and remove follicle-clogging sebum and residue. Next, the Revitalizing Conditioner nourishes the scalp, providing resilience against hair breakage. The final step, the Leave-In Treatment, helps to promote thicker, fuller-looking hair.

If you have mid to long hair length, we also recommend applying a hair serum or oil onto the ends of your hairs, away from the scalp, to keep your hair moisturised and healthy without clogging the follicles.

If I have coloured and/or chemically treated hair, can I still get this treatment done?

Yes, you can still get this treatment done. Our NIOXIN System Kits are created to address different hair concerns, with different kits to suit hair that is dyed, bleached, rebonded or permed.

What are the health conditions I should declare before I book my appointment?

As the products used are specially formulated to perform a deep cleanse and exfoliation, we do not recommend you to try this scalp treatment if you have the following conditions:

  • Cuts, abrasions and/or severe eczema on or around the scalp;
  • Redness on or around the scalp that is itchy and/or painful;
  • Severely dry, hypersensitive and/or inflamed scalp;
  • Serious medical scalp conditions like psoriasis, folliculitis, etc.;

Always check with our barbers regarding any medical conditions you have before proceeding with any treatment!